Hiring and retaining the best people makes the most significant and immediate positive difference to a company's success. And my approach is different from any other consultancy.

Where my work most differs from other consultancies is in the time, energy and personal involvement I put into every project, which ensures I work at a deep level within an organisation, with a strong attention to understanding the finer details of a culture, as well as seeing the bigger corporate picture.

My approach is always flexible and responsive there are no set programmes instead the relationship I have with my clients unfolds naturally and dynamically, always moving forward and creating changes in a way that is truly in tune with each business I work with.


All of my coaching programmes are developed specifically for each client that I work with to meet their specific goals, aims and needs. I can work in a range of ways to suit my clients face-to-face sessions, phone coaching, online coaching or a mix of all three.

I have developed a radical visual coaching tool called envisaging which fast tracks awareness and change at an individual and corporate level. It can be used in a number of ways to promote understanding, prompt fast and deep-level changes and to engender a greater feeling of unity and affinity within a company.


I have a flexible approach to all of my executive search assignments. I am able to offer full end to end headhunting from putting together target list of companies to be searched, to making the offer. But I am also able to do partial search assignments, tailored specifically to a client's needs, some companies just want identification of potential candidates and will do everything else themselves, some want only identification and initial screening - it is completely dependent on the internal HR resources the client has. I am also flexible in my fee structure - I set a fee on a case by case basis, and can use a percentage of salary, a fixed fee, a daily consulting rate or an agree project fee. This allows a client to maintain budgetary control at all times.


Unlike most consultancies who say they offer market and competitor intelligence research, I do not re-hash topline information on salaries and executives movements in the marketplace and very basic information in a particular sector. I do unique research to give an in-depth profile of a client company, of the strengths and weaknesses in detail of key competitors, gaps and opportunities in chosen markets or sectors, and key movers and shakers who can positively influence a client's performance.