Creativity is at the heart of all successful people and companies.

I have developed dynamic and highly results-oriented services specifically for companies with a creative and visionary approach to their business.

For over 15 years I have specialised in working with a wide range of high-growth and complex businesses from International Architectural Practices to highly creative Retail Organisations, from specialist Technology Companies to leading Media Consultancies.

Specialisations include:

Specialist Consulting Skills:
  • Developing core competencies, and building recruitment and staff-development programmes around them.
  • Skill-gap analysis so you can build core teams of skilled specialists.
  • Building a core senior management team
  • Introducing best practice management processes
  • Acting as outsourced HR Specialist in areas of recruitment, developing graduate training scheme, developing in-house and external training programmes.
  • Developing overall staffing, retention and succession planning strategies.
  • Working with outside investment teams to identify and report on key competencies, and how companies compare on a people level (skills, training, development, and staff retention) with the main competitors in the market.
  • Developing strategies that enhance business performance and behaviours.
  • Business facilitation - working with the leaders to help facilitate change growth, redundancies, new services or markets.
  • Management Away Days and Workshops to focus on high level problem solving and blue-sky creative thinking to move the company forward.
  • Business Turnaround working closely with the leadership team to help redefine and re-energise a department or business that has been floundering or lost its way.

  • Specialist Coaching Skills:
  • Instilling strong leadership skills.
  • Helping to create behaviours that facilitate increasing revenue generation.
  • High level problem solving and creative thinking.
  • Developing stronger client development & management skills.
  • Building commercial and awareness and confidence.
  • Developing powerful communication and presenting skills.
  • Growing business management skills in all areas.
  • Team building and facilitation.
  • Business relationship and rapport building.
  • Managing stress and burn out.

  • Specialist Research Skills:
    Market Research to help you move into new markets or develop new services
  • Find out who is the competition in that market
  • Find out which potential clients you should target
  • Find out what the gaps and opportunities exist in that market
  • Find out who are the key experts and players in that market who can give you insider knowledge and open doors for you

  • Competitor Research to help you to see how you stack up against the competition
  • Detailed profile of your main competitors - both in winning new clients and in retaining business.
  • Detailed information of what makes your competitors tick - their strengths internally and externally, their weaknesses internally and externally, their current status and their future plans.
  • Detailed information on how you compare with them both in terms of internal performance and external image.

  • Business Development Research to help you grow your client list
  • Helping you to develop your client wish list and give you detailed information on those companies
  • Details on what potential clients think of you and what they want/need
  • Making 1st level contact so you have warm leads into those clients