Making good people decisions through your hiring and retention strategies has the greatest and most enduring influence over strong competitive advantage.

Hiring the best people and retaining them through continuous development ensures an innovative, cohesive and high performance culture that is agile during economic highs and lows, and always stays ahead of the competition.

To Be You has been helping technology (Vodafone, COLT, Intel, CA, Microsoft) and creative companies (Landor, Gensler, Callison, Fitch, Edelman) achieve their full potential for the last 15 years by ensuring they have the most up to date business intelligence, that they always hire the best people in the market and retain them long-term, and that they keep ahead of the competition through high performance skills development and in-depth coaching programmes.

Specialist Executive Search

Targeted headhunting guarantees that you the secure the key movers and shakers in the market. To Be You will understand your business and your long term goals and will work with you to ensure you are always able to attract not only the best people, but people who compliment and enhance your unique culture and approach. Advertising and recruiting through agencies is based on chance and having to compromise your needs. Headhunting is more targeted and specific - ensuring a tick in every box of your wish list. It is also a great personal PR exercise as your success story is taken directly to the top people in the market.

High Performance Coaching

Focused high performance coaching ensures that your people are always on top of their game which means that your company is always ahead of the competition. To Be You will design and deliver coaching programmes which significantly enhance your company performance - in terms of corporate vision, strategic planning, leadership, decision-making, relationships, creativity and communication. These coaching programmes whether with individuals, teams or the whole company will create a culture of excellence that focuses on its strengths and builds on its successes.

Market & Competitor Research

In-depth research enables a company to stay ahead of the game by always knowing which markets to move into and how to beat the competition. To Be You will provide you with the most detailed and relevant research which will allow you to build an in-depth and totally accurate profile of your current competition and how to beat them, your desired clients and how to win them, and your future hires and how to attract and retain them. It will also give you the knowledge base you need to successfully launch new services and break into new markets.